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Whereas sustainable systems can be viewed as often maintaining a greatly diminished status quo, a regenerative system is a living system - one that grows, heals, self-replicates and adapts to rapidly changing conditions. Zimmer Associates International's regenerative approach to development is informed through the practice of permaculture and other natural systems design processes. Permaculture integrates human and natural systems in ways that are intrinsically beneficial for all the elements involved. Such design processes enable Zimmer Associates International's designers to insure that:

  • Beneficial relationships among elements are maximized
  • Natural resources are used most efficiently
  • The design allows for maximum present and future flexibility
  • Each element performs many functions
  • Waste is recycled, minimized or eliminated
  • The project empower will residents & vitalize its natural environment

  • A regenerative approach to development yields powerful environmental, aesthetic, livability and economic benefits.

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