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A Zimmer Associates International Green Design Package includes a number of special initiatives that reduce the project's impact on the environment, enhance the health and comfort of its occupants, and lower its on-going maintenance costs. For example, structures are sited to best utilize the natural properties of the site. Special effort is taken to ensure that native landscaping is preserved, and structural elements are obtained from renewable sources whenever feasible. High-efficiency windows are used to reduce energy demand and low or non-toxic interior building materials are chosen to ensure healthy indoor quality.

Construction waste is recycled or minimized, while energy and water efficient applications conserve natural resources. Such attention to intelligent and environmentally sensitive design establishes Zimmer Associates International as a leader in the field of green design. ZAI provides the following green consultation services:

  • Permaculture site assessment
  • Energy savings analysis
  • Green design & development consultation
  • Healthy building design
  • Healthy economic and cultural relationships

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