Interior Design


When Zimmer Associates International co-creates a master plan of a project with leading land planning and landscape architects, it strives to integrate the originality and richness of the natural surroundings with an aesthetic, sensitive, low-impact design for the built environment. In appropriate locations, exterior and interior design respectfully incorporate local heritage, art and culture. Special attention is paid to protecting open space, native vegetation and resident biodiversity. Buildings are artfully and practically designed and sited to provide maximum visitor convenience and comfort. Zimmer Associates International's whole systems master planning process can substantially reduce certain first-cost capital expenses while minimizing operating, maintenance and project life-cycle costs. Ancillary benefits include accelerated permitting, enhanced property values, conservation of natural resources, positive product differentiation, higher levels of worker productivity, a lowering of risk and liability factors and reduction of pollution and waste products.

Services include:
  • Site analysis & assessment
  • Program Development
  • Green design & development consultation
  • Design charrette facilitation
  • Co-creative master plan development
  • Rendering of exterior & interior features

    Design Consulting
    Environmentally Green Design
    Turnkey Residential
    Regenerative Development

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